The capacity
of a van,
the convenience
of an e-bike.

The capacity
of a van,
the convenience
of an e-bike.

Fulpra® Roll: redefining bike lane transport

We are Fulpra. And have a scoop. We are proud to introduce the first proper professional solution for bike lane transport. Fulpra combines 3000L load volume and robust automotive engineering with the urban convenience of a bicycle. Last mile delivery just became up to 70% more effective. Plan your pilot or test ride and find out yourself.

Enormous payload

With up to 3000 liter of loading volume and 400 kg net loading weight, you can easily roll in two packed roller containers for smooth delivery.

Fast & effective

Find your way easily and fast throughout the city. No more traffic jams, one-way routes or other delays. And, free parking everywhere.

Safe & robust

The only bicycle transport solution with EU road approval. Automotive quality engineering, designed and built for urban cargo transport.

Clean & green

‘Zero-emission’ making cities  cleaner, ‘nuisance-free’ keeping urban residents happy and ‘pedal-assisted’ getting drivers to stay fit.

Fulpra in the press

PostNL, the Dutch market leader in post and package delivery, has started a pilot with our new Fulpra last July. “We have the ambition to deliver all packages and letters in the Benelux in the last mile emission-free by 2030 at the latest,” says Marije Hakkert, Logistic Process Designer at PostNL. “We have gained experience with parcel delivery by using smaller, electric vehicles and cargo bikes in various other projects, but they were not specifically developed for parcel delivery (like Fulpra is).”

Easy (un)loading

Loading the 3000 liter load compartment could not be more easy. Simply roll in your containers. Five doors all around ensure access from every side.

Built as a workhorse

Designed from scratch as the ultimate transport solution for urban bike lane usage. Extremely strong engineering, only using robust components and automotive technology make this a proper freight cargo bike that is ready for the real work.

Unique driving characteristics

Robust, strong and a lot of loading volume, yet the smooth handling of a comfortable bicycle. The unique tilt system and the strong 1000W electric pedal supported engine make every curve or slope a piece of cake. Even with 350 kg of load.

Low TCO due to realtime monitoring

Every component of a Fulpra is continuously connected via the cloud. Via our user-friendly portal you get real-time vehicle insight into all maintenance, functionality and location data. Perfect for predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and a low TCO.

Specifications Fulpra Roll (Model 2021)

Size & weight

Vehicle geometry (outside sizes)      
With 1,00 m
Height 2,10 m
Length 3,12 m
Cargo geometry (inside sizes)
With 0,92 m (excl. rear wheel covers)
Height  1,70 m (max. 1,80 m optional)
Length 1,60 m (max. 1,70 m optional)
Volume 2,6m³ (2.600 liters)
Weight & loading specifications
Empty weight 220 kg (incl. cargo box)
Maximum total weight 700 kg (incl. driver)
Loading weight 380 kg
Loading volume 2.6 m³ – 3 m³ (2.600 – 3.000 liters)

Driveline, handling & range

Nominal max. Power 1000 W
Max. torque 130 Nm (on rear axle)
Handling Tilting for optimal and natural handling
Max. speed 25 km/h
Battery (optionally 2 pcs.) 48V Li-ion, 1800 or 2200 Wh
Range 1800Wh : +/- 30-35 km
4400Wh : +/- 75-85 km

Vehicle use & connectivity

Legal Specifications
Vehicle Classification L1e-A, ‘Motorized Wheels’
Place to drive Bicycle Lane (in European Union)
License plate Yes, Blue plate
Insurance needed Yes, Liability Insurance
Driver’s License Not obligatory (can differ per country)
Helmet No, not needed
Realtime Vehicle Connectivity (Fulpra® Remote Services)
Insights Real-time vehicle monitoring insights for optimized maintenance, routing and track & trace services via secured login via internet browser
Settings Custom settings on user level and / or organization level
Alerts/messages Online, SMS and/ or via Telegram messages
Data connectivity Realtime: GPS coordinates, vehicle speed, CANbus messages, (Battery (BMS) details, Park Brake controller details & Vehicle ECU details)


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